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Butterfly Face Painting step-by-step

Butterflies are definitely one of my most requested and loved designs at every party or family event. And the truth is I love painting them too! They’re lovely, colourful and so versatile; you can do so many variations and never get bored of painting them. They can be rainbow butterflies, Christmassy ones with holy leaves in the middle, ‘Frozen’ themed with snowflakes on or have a more dramatic/rock style adapted for teenagers and adults. Glittery or not, with swirls and teardrops or one-stroke ones, the combinations are endless!

So if you’re already a face painter looking for another idea for your butterfly designs or if you’re new to face painting and you want to do some easy designs at a children’s party, school fair or just as a fun activity with the kids on a rainy day, I think you’ll find this step-by-step butterfly design useful.

For this design we’re using two bright colours of face paint (choose colours that go well together), black and white face paint, a sponge, a round brush and some iridescent glitter (optional).

If you’re unsure about the materials you’ll need, check out this blog post about the essential face painting products and tools.


Here's how to paint a butterfly:

Step 1: Spray some water on the sponge and load each side with a different colour (here pearl yellow and magenta). For the base of the wings, apply the paint above and under the eyes so that it looks like an X shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect since we’ll cover the edges with line work.

Step 2: Load the round brush with the dark colour and paint a line on the inner side of each wing to form an X. This will be your guide for a symmetrical butterfly.

Step 3: Paint a few swirls and teardrops to fill the outer side of the wings. Try to duplicate what you painted on one side to the other.

Step 4: Paint the body and antennas in the middle. Add a few spots with a white and sprinkle some cosmetic grade glitter if you want it to be extra sparkly! Apply a bright face paint for lipstick – for hygiene reasons, you might wanna do that do that with a Q-tip instead of a brush.

And there you have it! A bright and sparkly butterfly!

There’s no doubt that girls –and boys- will LOVE this colourful butterfly so get ready paint loads of them!

Good luck!


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