Funproject is dedicated to offering high-quality face and body painting services and holds safety at the highest regard. Please read the disclaimer for more information about Funproject's practices.


Face Painting Disclaimer


Allergy Information

Although the face paints used are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and FDA and EU approved specifically for use on the skin, allergic reactions can still occur in rare cases. If there is a concern regarding skin sensitivity, please request a skin patch test BEFORE painting. For additional assurance, you may also request a listing of ingredients to distribute to fellow parents before your event.


In order to ensure the safety of others, anyone with the following conditions will not be painted: open wounds, cold sores, chicken pox, measles, mumps, runny noses, conjunctivitis (pink eye), infectious skin conditions, eczema or appears unwell. In these cases, I can offer an arm or hand design. Also, any child who exhibits distress, confusion, or otherwise does not wish to be painted will not be painted under any circumstances.


Maintenance of Supplies & Products

Paint brushes are cleaned before and after each event with mild hypoallergenic soap. Sponges are laundered at high temperature with hypoallergenic soap. Both sponges and brushes are allowed to air dry. It is not necessary for paints to be sterilized between children or events as they possess antibacterial, anti-mold and antifungal properties, however, the surface of the paints are wiped with hypoallergenic baby wipes after each event.


Paint Removal

All paints used are water-based and can be cleaned using soap and water. Funproject is not responsible for paints that are transferred to clothing and/or other materials.



Photographs are not taken without parental consent. If you permit Funproject to use a photo of you or your child, a photo release form must be completed and submitted.